Garden Hand Tools

Explore hand tools for various gardening tasks.

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GHT01 - Garden Trowel

A garden trowel for planting and digging...

$12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

GHT02 - Pruning Shears

Pruning shears for trimming and shaping plants...

$14.99 Ex Tax: $14.99

GHT03 - Garden Fork

A garden fork for cultivating and aerating soil...

$16.99 Ex Tax: $16.99

GHT04 - Hand Cultivator

A hand cultivator for weeding and loosening soil...

$18.99 Ex Tax: $18.99

GHT05 - Garden Hoe

A garden hoe for digging and moving soil...

$20.99 Ex Tax: $20.99

GHT06 - Hand Weeder

A hand weeder for removing weeds from the garden...

$22.99 Ex Tax: $22.99

GHT07 - Garden Rake

A garden rake for leveling and clearing debris...

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99

GHT08 - Garden Spade

A garden spade for digging and edging...

$26.99 Ex Tax: $26.99

GHT09 - Garden Shovel

A garden shovel for digging and moving soil...

$28.99 Ex Tax: $28.99

GHT10 - Garden Tiller

A garden tiller for preparing soil for planting...

$30.99 Ex Tax: $30.99
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